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Bio je prvi zapadni kompozitor koji je u klasičnu muziku uneo elemente slovenske muzike...


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Mozart je predstavljen kao „čudo od deteta”. Tada mu je bilo samo šest godina...

Nikola Vučičević



Since I come from a tennis-oriented family, with both my father and my elder brother being dedicated tennis players (my brother was a professional tennis player), it was naturally assumed that I would also go in for this nice and healthy sport. That's why I spent my first year on the tennis courts.

However, I soon realized that tennis will not be my greatest love. I wished to play the piano, so my parents bought me one Clavinova, and I, as a eight year old, applied to music school "Davorin Jenko" in Belgrade.

I enjoy music, and it's not difficult for me to play every day for several hours.

My music school professor is Julia Cvitkovac Glibovski. She is a pianist and a professor from famous music academy in St. Petersburg in Russia.


Name: Nikola Vucicevic
Date of birth: 09. January 1996.
Belgrade, Serbia

- Elementary school, "Bora Stankovic" in Belgrade.
- Completed Secondary Music Gymnasium "Davorin Jenko" in Belgrade
- Graduated piano department of the State Conservatory in Austria
- Third year of musical pedagogy at the State Conservatory in Austria
- First year of master studies at the State Conservatory in Austria

Work experience:
- 2018. Piano professor at Montessorischule de La Tour, Klagenfurt
- 2019. Piano professor at Art Piano School, Belgrade

Knowledge and skills:
Knowledge in computer and information science.
Languages: Serbian, English and German
Hobbies: Tennis, cycling, fishing, swimming and hiking in nature

In his eighth year he enrols elementary music school, and in the ninth year won his first prize at the International Piano Competition in Rome. He has gained Vukova's diploma and special diplomas for success in elementary school with the blessing of His Holiness the Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovačkog and Serbian Patriarch Irenaeus. 

So far, he participated in many prestigious national and international piano competitions in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Russia and Germany, where he achieves exceptional results and won many first places. Especially interesting is the special prize for performing compositions by Russian composers in Saint Petersburg, Rotary Competition in Moscow and three-stage Epta competition in Waterloo (Belgium).

He attended master class lessons and seminars at Olga Bauer, Vladimir Ogarkov, Borislav Nestorov, Dorian Leljak, Laura Pietrocini, Fabio Bidini and Maestro Konstantin Bogino.

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